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UNIT 2 STEAM POWER PLANT Steam Power Plant UNIT 2 STEAM POWER PLANT Steam Power Plant Structure 2 1 Introduction Objectives 2 2 Basic Consideration in the Analysis of Power Cycles 2 3 Steam Generator 2 4 Super Heater 2 5 Feed Water Heater 2 6 Furnaces 2 7 Energy Performance Assessment of Boilers 2 8 Steam Turbines 2 9 Condenser 2 10 Cooling TowerWhat is a Plant Plants can be divided into two groups flowering plants for example sunflowers orchids and most types of tree The other group is nonflowering plants which includes mosses and ferns All plants make their own food taking energy from sunlight Unlike animals plants cannot move from place to place and most are rooted in the ground What is the efficiency of different types of power plants What is the efficiency of different types of power plants? Heat rate is one measure of the efficiency of electrical generators/power plants that convert a fuel into heat and into electricity The heat rate is the amount of energy used by an electrical generator/power plant


In thermal power plants the heat energy produced by burning fossil fuels like coal petroleum or natural gas is used to heat water and change it into steam which rotates the turbines of generators to produce electricity c) Hydro power plants -In hydro power plants PPT and PPTx Presentation in Biology Free Power Point Presentations in Biology / Life Science Biochemistry PPT Biotechnology PPT Microbiology PPT Molecular Biology PPT Ecology PPT Genetics PPT Skip to content Easy Biology Class Free Online Tutorials in Biology/Life Sciences Botany / Plant Sciences PPT Power Plant Manager Operator Training Invest in the advancement and professional successes of your employees by implementing extensive online power plant training for electric hydroelectric steam and nuclear power plant operators Entry-level and experienced employees who engage in specialized plant operator courses will partake in in-depth self-paced curriculums List of Important Hydro Thermal Nuclear Power Plants India is a land of beautiful dams and power plants A power plant is basically an industrial location that is utilized for the generation and distribution of power There are three types of power plants in India- Hydro Electric power plants Thermal power plants Nuclear Power plants So let's know about these power plants in detail Nuclear Power Plant Instrumentation and ControlNuclear Power Plant Instrumentation and Control 51 The control and safety of nuclear power plants depend above all on temperature and pressure (including differential pressure to measure level and flow) instrumentation the two most ubiquitous instrument types in a typical nuclear power plant process Inppt of coal based power plant coal handling in power plant ntpc badarpur - moulindemembre The power plant is one of the coal based power plants of NTPC The National Power Training Institute (NPTI) for North India Region under Ministry of Power Government of India was established at Badarpur in 1974 within the Badarpur Thermal power plant (Ppt Of Coal Based Power PlantThe 5 Types of Power in Leadership For even others power is of no interest at all The five bases of power were identified by John French and Bertram Raven in the early 1960's through a study they had conducted on power in leadership roles The study showed how different types of power affected one's Types of Hydropower Turbines There are two main types of hydro turbines impulse and reaction The type of hydropower turbine selected for a project is based on the height of standing water—referred to as head—and the flow or volume of water at the site Other deciding factors include how

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Introduction- STEAM POWER PLANT A thermal power station is a power plant in which the prime mover is steam driven Water is heated turns into steam and spins a steam turbine which drives an electrical generator After it passes through the turbine the steam is condensed in a condenser and recycled to where it was heated this is Geothermal power plants Types of geothermal power plants There are three basic types of geothermal power plants Dry steam plants use steam directly from a geothermal reservoir to turn generator turbines The first geothermal power plant was built in 1904 in Tuscany Italy where natural steam erupted from the earth Types and Classifications of Industrial Boilers Boiler types According to the type of fuel used or fuel burning methods Coal-fired boilers oil fired boilers gas fired boilers Biomass boilers electric boilers Circulating Fluidized bed boiler (FBC Boiler) Pulverized coal boiler (PC Boiler) and Waste heat recovery boilers Nuclear Steam generators Diesel power plant (Principle Component Layout Diesel power plant A diesel power plant or standby power station is the plant when we use diesel engine as a prime mover or combine a diesel engine with an electric generator to produce electrical energy by using diesel fuel or liquid fuels like natural gas Pollution from Thermal Power Plants Harmful Emissions Desulphurisation plants downstream of the boilers also reduce emissions Fluidized bed combustion of coal is another effective method to reduce SO 2 emissions Ash Ash is the residue after the combustion A 500 MW coal fired power plant burning Coal with around 20 % Ash collects ash to the tune of Two Million Tons in Five years

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There are different types of thermal power plants based on the fuel used to generate the steam such as coal gas and Diesel natural gas About 71% of electricity consumed in India is generated by thermal power plants Coal More than 62% of India's electricity demand is Environment Impact Assessment of Thermal Power Plant for 3 Types of Cycle Open Cycle system Close Cycle System Use of Open Cycle System has been prohibited due to moreefficiency of closed cycle system than open cycle system andbecause of economical reasons 4 Thermal power plant Largest emitter of mercury[7] Typical power plant emits 90 % of its mercury into the air and 10 percent on landSteam Turbine use in a Power Plant ~ Power PlantsElectrical power plants use large steam turbines driving electric generators to produce most (about 80%) of the world's electricity Most of these centralised stations are of two types fossil fuel power plants and nuclear power plants but some countries are using concentrating solar power (CSP) to create the steam

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Common different types of power generators include diesel natural gas portable standby and direct-current power generators Power generators are typically identified by their primary source of energy but there are other commonly used criteria such as portability and the nature of electricity produced Steel Sections in Power Plant Construction Coal power plants Figure 3 shows the functional units of a coal power plant Most notable in such power plants are the large cooling towers and the boiler frame structures which however are later enclosed by the boiler house But not only these large structures make up a power plant A number of dependent buildings are necessary to LEAVES The Plant Body Leaves FUNCTION OF LEAVES Leaves are the solar energy and CO2 collectors of plants In some plants leaves have become adapted for specialized functions EXTERNAL ANATOMY Leaves possess a blade or lamina an edge called the margin of the leaf the veins (vascular bundles) a petiole and two appendages at the base of the petiole called the stipules Types of power plants Types of power plants 1 TYPES OF POWER PLANTS PRESENTED BY S HIMAGIRI VYKUNTAM 14A51A0395 2 DEFINITION A power station (also referred to as a generating station power plant powerhouse or generating plant) is an industrial facility for the generation of electric power

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The chemical composition of the fuel the type of coolant and other details important to reactor operation depend on reactor design Most designs have some flexibility as to the type of fuel that can be used Some reactors are dual-purpose in that they are used for civilian power and military materials production Comparison of Various Power Plants The generation aspect is at the foremost of the chain and it is realized with the help of power plants A set of equipments utilized to produce electrical power in large quantities (usually hundreds - thousands of MW) is called a generating station or a power plant Such a power plant will convert one form of energy (nuclear thermal hydro Power Plant Instrumentation and Control Handbook Power Plant concepts are based on Laws of Thermodynamics depicting the relations among Heat Work property of system applicable to all control loops and the legends used for typical control strategies adopted in a power plant are presented These types of illustrations with write ups and all possible alternatives (such as tilting type Important Types of of Plant Layout (with advantages and ADVERTISEMENTS Some of the important types of plant layout are A Product or line layout B Process or functional layout C Layout by stationary material! (A) Product or Line Layout Product or Line Layout is the arrangement of machines in a line (not always straight) or a Solar thermal power plants Solar thermal power plants have the major advantage that they can integrate thermal energy storage systems (for example storage tanks with hot molten salt) which enable the plants to continue operating when clouds Worldwide solar thermal power plants with a total capacity of about 2 5 GW